03 MARCH 2023

Cheongsam (Qipao "旗袍")

When it comes to the topic of traditional #Chinese #clothing, it’s hard to ignore Cheongsam or #旗袍 (pronounced “#Qipao”) due to its distinctive design in the world of #fashion. The creation of Cheongsam that we know today is widely believed that it came from Shanghai in the 1920s. The original Qipao was wide and loose covering most of the body and was the generic dress of Manchu women during the Qing Dynasty.

Eventually, people eagerly sought a more modernised style of #dress and transformed the old Qipao to suit their tastes, and thus, the emergence of “modern” Cheongsam that’s slender and form fitting with a high cut, which is significantly different from the traditional ones. Now, Cheongsam is a symbol of Chinese #culture and is frequently being featured on the international stage of #couture.