03 MARCH 2023

INSIDER STORY by @camille_channt

When I was five, I had what the western medicine will call “sleep paralysis”. Whenever I fallasleep, I can feel there’s something pressing down on me and I couldn’t move a single fingerat that time. In Chinese superstitious beliefs, it was told that whenever that happens, it wasbecause of a ghost. When my parents came to know about this, they quickly seek for a ‘TaoistHealing Potion’ which was known to be the cure.The Taoist Healing Potion was made by a Taoist priest. He gave us a few yellow papers withChinese calligraphy on it and asked us to mix it with plain water. I was also instructed to drink ittwice a day.I still remember like it was yesterday. At first, I refused to drink it as the colour was dark and black.The taste was disgusting! I don’t know how it works but I was beyond relieved when I was finallyset free from this “ghost" after consuming the Taoist Healing Potion.It was the weirdest medicine I have ever had and I swear I will never drink it again! .... I hope.