03 MARCH 2023

INSIDER STORY by @yeecold_minds

That was the first time I had a physical experience of a bond with my sister.

My sister was in a secondary school whereas I was at a primary school. Though the distance was far but we meet each other every day as we travel on the same school bus. As I recall, that day was just an ordinary like any other. I hopped onto the bus and found a seat near the exit and the seat next to me was quickly taken by another kid.

The school bus reaches my sister’s secondary school and she had no choice but to sit at the end of the bus. It was a long ride to our home. That afternoon was filled with the humid heat and we were surrounded by the unpleasant smell of sweat from the rest of kids.

Finally, the bus stopped at a familiar road. Without any hesitation, I got down and began to cross the road. All I wanted was to quickly be at the comfort of my own home.

Suddenly, I felt a strong pull on my uniform. It was my sister. She pulled me to her and yelled “CAREFUL! LORRY!”. Only then I realised there was a lorry speeding his way through the road and it almost hit me.

When I finally calmed down, I thought to myself, that near-death experience was so surreal to me. The time and place, how my sister was able to be there at the exact right moment to grab hold of me was all too precise. It was as if we were bond to each other like an elastic band, the more you stretch it, the faster it meets each other when you let it go.