03 MARCH 2023

INSIDER STORY by @mcin120

It was the most bizarre moment in my life when he proposed to me, but what happens after became even stranger.

I remembered he was so anxious in that moment. He probably planned this for months! This took place during a chilly night at a well-known jungle resort. We were surrounded with his friends who were clearly excited to witness their friend who was about to embark on a new journey.

He went down on one knee and pull out a ring, “Will you marry me?” he finally asked. At that moment, I swear to god, the ring looked like a rare pink diamond where only the royal could ever possess. Quickly, the shock from the diamond was overcome with wave of uneasiness from the many eyes staring right at me.

“Yes” I said with a complex feeling of joy and discomfort.

Hours after the celebration and the non-stop happy wishes, my soon to be husband and I were back at our room. I was just fiddling around with the ring when something caught me by surprise. I was blown away to find out that the supposedly “royal” pink diamond was just a normal diamond ring. I thought I was seeing things. I kept looking and inspecting the ring over and over again, until I finally asked my fiancé, “How come the ring is normal diamond one? I saw pink leh just now”.

He turned around with a confused expression, “Eh?? Since when you like pink color diamond??”.