03 MARCH 2023

INSIDER STORY by @vvhy9349



“锵。。。锵。。。锵!” 而当这声响到最靠近我时,一切都安静了。我并没有安心下来反倒觉得更加的害怕,害怕下一秒会发生极其恐怖的事。越不想遇到的越是会如期发生,声音是没了但却感觉到有人摸着我的头。深入恐惧的我顿时不知为什么忽然觉得这抚摸不像是那种电影里索命的鬼魂掌,反而是自己最熟悉温暖的手掌。放下心中恐惧的我,就在被窝里慢慢的沉睡。

隔天早上,我们发现婆婆喜欢的鱼有要过的痕迹,填满米的米缸也有了一个掌印,处处都告诉了我们婆婆回来过的迹象。我也分享了我昨晚的经历,只看见爸妈眼眶湿湿的告诉我 “很好,婆婆有回来看你了”

That memory of the comeback of my grandmother soul are still so vivid and clear.

My beloved grandmother passed away when I was still a kid. Funeral were held, relatives came to sent their last regards, us, we were doing the Chinese traditional ritual on giving her one last ride to leave this dimension and move on.

It was the 7th day of the funeral, where this day’s ritual is the infamous urban Chinese legends, the comeback of the dead to the living world for one last time before moving on to the next life. Before the night kicks in, the monk told us to set the place up to greet her returns.

Cook her favourite dish and serve it on the dining table along with her favourite drink, filled up the rice bucket and more. My parents hands are on to it right away without hesitating as if they deeply believe what the monk said is true.

But I soon found these are not just a rumour people made up just to scare others.

I was sleeping soundly until was disturb by the clanking sound of a long heavy chain dragged on the marble floor in the living room. My senses are blurred and are half aware on the surroundings, but as the clanking sound is getting louder and clearer as if it was some chained prisoner walking towards my bedroom.

My body curled up into an infant position and I was petrified under the blanket of mine. The clanking sound passes through my bedroom door without opening it and marches straight towards me.

It stops next to my bed and I felt a sudden shiver from my neck straight down towards my spine. A strong shadow casted on top of my blanket, a human, no, must be some inhuman presence standing just right next to me.

I shut my eyes quickly while my brain flashing through multiple horrifying scenes from those paranormal activities that is gonna happen to me right here and now.

However, the fear that took over my mind are gone in seconds when I sensed that gentle touch on my forehead. It was warm and kind as if it telling me “Don’t you be afraid, nothing gonna hurt you, my dear child.”

Next day morning, we were surprise to see the things we set up been touch and show signs of grandmother’s presence. The dishes been eaten along with a half full of her favourite drink, there is a hand mark on top of the rice in the rice bucket.

After all these symptoms, I shared my night experience with my parents. I describe in details on how I feel and what heard, felt and see. Tears are rushing out from my parent, they were glad and said “Good, Grandmother came back to see you for one last time.”